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European Experts promote H2020 in Chile

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Through the CEST+I project, the International Cooperation Programme at CONICYT organized two activities with the purpose of disseminating the funding opportunities open to Chilean researchers by the Horizon 2020 programme. This programme is the main funding instrument for Science and Technology in Europe.



This first encounter was held on November 3rd at CONICYT and was focused on informing the Chilean NCPs (National Contact Points) about the news related to the H2020 calls and specific thematic. The second day was focused on opportunities for Chilean Researchers, including information on H2020, as well as practical information on how to successfully participate in a H2020 project.

The presentations were led by three expert NCPs with professional experience in projects financed by this programme. Elena Giglio, Italian NCP, presented the structure of H2020 and its three pillars: Excellent Science, Social Challenges and Industrial Leadership. She then presented some tips on how to structure a proposal. Ülle Must, Estonian NCP, presented details about how to find partners and create a consortium. The expert stressed the importance of defining the role of each researcher in a project: coordinator, principal actor, or beneficiary. Katarzyna Walczyk, Polish NCP, presented details and recommendations on how to formulate a successful application and how to avoid some of the most frequent mistakes.

The first day also included a presentation by Juan Pablo Viñuela, Chilean NCP, on his hands-on-experience in an international research project financed by the European Union. He also provided his recommendations on how to get included in a European research network. Furthermore, the European experts presented issues related to the financial management of the projects.

The presentations from the open infoday can be found here.

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El proyecto CEST+I (Chile-European Union STI Initiative) cuenta con financiamiento de la Comisión Europea —a través de su Séptimo Programa Marco (7PM)— y de la Comisión Nacional de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica del Gobierno de Chile (CONICYT). Su objetivo es apoyar el fortalecimiento de la cooperación en ciencia, tecnología e innovación entre la Unión Europea, estados miembros, estados asociados, y Chile.

Para contactar a los Puntos Nacionales de Contacto (NCP), envíe un mail a:

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Programa Unión Europea
Programa de Cooperación Internacional (PCI)
CONICYT – Comisión Nacional de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica
Moneda 1375, Piso 7
Tel: (56-2) 2365.4421
Fax (56-2) 2655.1396

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