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For the first time a joint information day on R&I opportunities in Latin America (LA), Caribbean & Europe will be organized in Brussels, Belgium on 24 November 2015.

The info day is a joint activity of so called ‘BILAT’ projects which promote European cooperation with: Brazil - B.BICE+, Argentina - ABEST III, Chile - CEST+I and Mexico - EU-MEX INNOVA, funded by the European Union under FP7. The event will also count on the participation of Panamá and ERANet LAC. The aim of the encounter is to enhance EU-Latin American Science and Innovation cooperation.


Latin America (LA) is one of the emerging regions in technology, innovation and R&D expenditures. Many European researchers and institutions have developed strong research links with LA researchers and their institutions. However, some opportunities within LA national funding programmes are not well-known in Europe, and European researchers and research managers may not be familiar with the specific application processes & grants management procedures required by LA national research funding agencies. Therefore this workshop will:

  • Promote awareness of LA national research funding opportunities for European researchers with specific focus on Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Panamá
  • Strengthen European institutions’ expertise in applying for and managing LA research funds
  • Provide case studies of research collaboration between LA and European institutions
  • Grant firsthand information on the 2. ERANet-LAC Joint Call to be launched in December 2015

The workshop addresses the whole European research community (funding agencies, researchers & research managers, administrators). Registration for the workshop will be free of charge.

Pre-registration is required here – until 15 November 2015

Further information on workshop, agenda and speakers will soon be available on B.BICE+ website.

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El proyecto CEST+I (Chile-European Union STI Initiative) cuenta con financiamiento de la Comisión Europea —a través de su Séptimo Programa Marco (7PM)— y de la Comisión Nacional de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica del Gobierno de Chile (CONICYT). Su objetivo es apoyar el fortalecimiento de la cooperación en ciencia, tecnología e innovación entre la Unión Europea, estados miembros, estados asociados, y Chile.

Para contactar a los Puntos Nacionales de Contacto (NCP), envíe un mail a:

Datos de contacto

Programa Unión Europea
Programa de Cooperación Internacional (PCI)
CONICYT – Comisión Nacional de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica
Moneda 1375, Piso 7
Tel: (56-2) 2365.4421
Fax (56-2) 2655.1396

Exención de responsabilidad

Este sitio web fue realizado con financiamiento de la Unión Europea como parte del proyecto CEST+ I (Grant Agreement 311974) del programa Capacidades del Séptimo Programa Marco. El contenido del sitio web es responsabilidad exclusiva de CONICYT y no representa necesariamente el punto de vista de la Unión Europea.