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CONICYT publishes conclusions of the two thematic workshops on Solar Energy and Sustainable Mining

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The two thematic workshop organized by the CEST+I project and CONICYT on Solar Energy and Sustainable Mining had the objective to provide a platform for the discussion of the potential for applied research in the two areas in Chile, between academic and industry experts from Chile and the EU.

In particular, this discussion aimed at developing and consolidating links between key actors in Chile and the EU in the technological application of new technologies in the Chilean market.

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New analysis on Chilean participation in FP7 and H2020

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CONICYT, as a part of the CEST+I project, funded by the European Commission’s seventh Framework Programme, reveals a new analysis of the Chilean participation in FP7 and H2020.

The analysis concludes that Chilean participation in the European Framework programmes continued to increase during the Seventh Framework Programme, in comparison with earlier programmes. This same pattern was seen in FP6 and in research collaboration in general, as a consequence of the activities performed after the implementation of the Chile-European Union Agreement on Science and Technology signed in 2002.

The areas with most Chilean participants in FP7 were Knowledge-Based Bioeconomy, Environment and ICT, which are areas with an important scientific base in Chile.


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European Experts promote H2020 in Chile

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Through the CEST+I project, the International Cooperation Programme at CONICYT organized two activities with the purpose of disseminating the funding opportunities open to Chilean researchers by the Horizon 2020 programme. This programme is the main funding instrument for Science and Technology in Europe.


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Results of call for expressions of interest for participation in Horizon 2020 events in Europe in 2015

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CONICYT announced the names of the researchers selected to receive funding from the Chile - European Union Liaison Office for participation in H2020 events in Europe in 2015.

The seven projects were selected through a process of expressions of interest where a total of 21 proposals were received.

The purpose of the participation in H2020 events funded by the Chile – European Union Liaison Office is to strengthen the Chilean participation in and knowledge of the European research and innovation programme, Horizon 2020.

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