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New analysis on Chilean participation in FP7 and H2020

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CONICYT, as a part of the CEST+I project, funded by the European Commission’s seventh Framework Programme, reveals a new analysis of the Chilean participation in FP7 and H2020.

The analysis concludes that Chilean participation in the European Framework programmes continued to increase during the Seventh Framework Programme, in comparison with earlier programmes. This same pattern was seen in FP6 and in research collaboration in general, as a consequence of the activities performed after the implementation of the Chile-European Union Agreement on Science and Technology signed in 2002.

The areas with most Chilean participants in FP7 were Knowledge-Based Bioeconomy, Environment and ICT, which are areas with an important scientific base in Chile.

As to the Chilean participation in Horizon 2020, it is still early to draw certain conclusions, however, the numbers indicates that Chile has seen an important participation in this new framework programme. According to the information received from the European Commission including information as of the beginning of May 2015, 116 Chilean applicants applied for funding, of these 26 were funded.

It is important to note that Chile has seen am impressive success rate in the first part of this framework programme, in spite of a smaller scientific society than for instance larger countries, such as Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.

If we look at future cooperation, it is central to consider that Chilean researchers can still take advantage of the very fortunate situation that Chile is in, being eligible for receiving funding directly from the European Commission in order to participate in H2020 projects. Furthermore, the steadily growing cooperation between Chilean and European researchers in general is an indication of the high interest from both sides in future collaboration.

To read the full analysis, please click on the following link:

Chilean participation in FP7 and H2020.

About CEST+I

The CEST+I (Chile-European Union STI Initiative) project is financed by the European Union -through its Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)-  and the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research of the Chilean Government (CONICYT). The purpose of this project is to support the enhancement of science, technology and innovation cooperation between the European Union, member states, associated countries and Chile.

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