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The mission of the Chile-European Union Liaison Office is to support and enhance the Chilean participation in the EU’s Framework Programme. The Liaison Office is the focal point for the EU-Chile S&T Cooperation Agreement signed in 2002, and settled in the Department of International Relations in CONICYT.


Access the search engine for researchers in Chile


European Experts promote H2020 in Chile

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Through the CEST+I project, the International Cooperation Programme at CONICYT organized two activities with the purpose of disseminating the funding opportunities open to Chilean researchers by the Horizon 2020 programme. This programme is the main funding instrument for Science and Technology in Europe.



Results of call for expressions of interest for participation in Horizon 2020 events in Europe in 2015

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CONICYT announced the names of the researchers selected to receive funding from the Chile - European Union Liaison Office for participation in H2020 events in Europe in 2015.

The seven projects were selected through a process of expressions of interest where a total of 21 proposals were received.

The purpose of the participation in H2020 events funded by the Chile – European Union Liaison Office is to strengthen the Chilean participation in and knowledge of the European research and innovation programme, Horizon 2020.


CONICYT y BMBF Organizan Seminario Chileno-Alemán en Materias Primas

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En el encuentro, participaron representantes de universidades, institutos y centros de investigación de Chile y Alemania, presentando proyectos en las áreas de exploración, extracción, procesamiento y reciclaje de materias primas, y sobre sus principales temas e intereses de cooperación en investigación.



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For the first time a joint information day on R&I opportunities in Latin America (LA), Caribbean & Europe will be organized in Brussels, Belgium on 24 November 2015.

The info day is a joint activity of so called ‘BILAT’ projects which promote European cooperation with: Brazil - B.BICE+, Argentina - ABEST III, Chile - CEST+I and Mexico - EU-MEX INNOVA, funded by the European Union under FP7. The event will also count on the participation of Panamá and ERANet LAC. The aim of the encounter is to enhance EU-Latin American Science and Innovation cooperation.


CONICYT invita a presentar expresiones de interés para actividades en Europa

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En el marco de la Oficina de Enlace, el Programa de Cooperación Internacional de la Comisión nacional de investigación científica y tecnológica de Chile (CONICYT), invita a presentar expresiones de interés para obtener financiamiento para participar en eventos de difusión de las oportunidades que ofrece H2020, además que eventos de matchmaking con investigadores europeos y otros eventos que ofrezcan una inserción en consorcios europeos o acercamiento a investigación realizada en Europa en el marco de H2020.


Results of the first ERANET-LAC joint call

As a result of the 1st ERANet-LAC joint call, 20 funding organizations from Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean countries will fund 13 transnational research and innovation projects, including 7 with participation of researchers in Chile to be funded by CONICYT.



About CEST+I

The CEST+I (Chile-European Union STI Initiative) project is financed by the European Union -through its Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)-  and the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research of the Chilean Government (CONICYT). The purpose of this project is to support the enhancement of science, technology and innovation cooperation between the European Union, member states, associated countries and Chile.

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This web site was developed with funds of the European Union under the scope of the CEST+ I project (Grant Agreement 311974) of the Capacities programme under the Seventh Framework Programme. The content of the web site is the sole responsibility of CONICYT and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.